Areas of Practice

Estate Planning, Trusts and Estate Administration

We frequently get calls asking "how much do you charge for a simple Will". Our answer is usually "what do you think a simple Will is?", because almost everyone needs more. We strive to provide you with a complete Estate Plan: A Will (or Revocable Trust) with an Estate Tax Reduction Trust and/or a Children's Sprinkle Trust (as applicable), Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Health Care Proxies. We discuss life insurance beneficiary designations, 401K and IRA distribution options, optimization of charitable bequests, inter vivos gifting, and credit shelter strategies.

In the process, we may also discuss the interplay of Medicaid rules, Federal and New Jersey Estate taxes, income tax and capital gains taxes, gift taxes and inheritance taxes. When you eventually leave our office with your executed documents, you will have a broad understanding of every aspect of your potential Estate.

We will educate you about irrevocable trusts, such as Special Needs Trusts for children, parents or spouses with disabilities; Asset Protection Trusts to protect your heirs from creditors, divorce or just plain bad judgment; GRATs, CRUTs, and IDGTs (we will explain these, we promise!); Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts to pay Estate Taxes and provide liquid assets to you heirs; and many other trusts which may be of benefit to you.

Christopher D. Byers received a Master's of Law in Taxation from New York University, concentrated in the area of Estate Taxation, and will put this education and years of experience to work for you. All fees are discussed before we begin work. No pressure tactics are ever used. If you require more than one meeting to discuss issues and ask questions, there is no additional charge.

Byers & Byers, P. A. has helped many hundreds or thousands of people administer the estates of loved ones since 1963. We are proud of our ability to provide our clients with compassionate, honest and knowledgeable assistance in a difficult time.

Elder Law

Elder Planning often goes hand in hand with Estate Planning. We will help you avoid the most common (and often devastating) pitfalls made by well-meaning "self-helpers". From discussions of long-term care insurance, Medicaid reimbursement trusts, and asset conversion to Medicaid look-back exceptions and strategic transfers, we can help you protect legitimate assets while steering you away from more dubious strategies that run the risk of severe penalties. Our discussions will also include coverage of Veteran's benefits that may apply to you.

Real Estate

Byers & Byers, P.A. has helped thousands of clients purchase and sell their homes and commercial buildings. One full-time real estate paralegal and a part-time real estate secretary support Christopher D. Byers in creating an unmatched client experience. You will never get an answering machine during business hours; all e-mails are returned the same business day; and you will receive guidance and caring assistance through every step in the process. We are also committed to the elimination of hidden fees, and do not charge for photocopies, faxes, title binder reviews or post-closing mailings. We do not add surcharges to recording fees. What you are quoted is what you will pay.

Corporate Law & Business Formation

Are you looking to start a new corporation or limited liability company? Are you in a business with others and want to protect your investment and your family in the case of your retirement, disability or death? Are you hiring a new employee?

Byers & Byers, P. A. can assist you with these issues and many others in the areas of Corporate Law and Business Formation.